What is a Family Constellation?

Barry Krost Interview by Oscar Westra van Holthe Franz Ruppert interviewed by Oscar Westra van Holthe Guni Baxa Interview by Oscar Westra van Holthe Brendan O’Brien interview by Oscar Westra van Holthe Sarah Peyton Interview by Oscar Westra van Holthe Fung Interview by Oscar Westra van Holthe Emma Sánchez Interview by Oscar Westra van Holthe […]

Organisational Constellations

What are business constellations, with Martijn Meima Business Constellations Company Coaching Organisational Constellations What do we mean by systemic? With Sarah Cornally Unlocking systemic intelligence with Sarah Cornally The Organizational Constellations work Jan Jacob Stam Jan Jacob Stam – Trauma in Organizations Systemic Constellations Work in Organizations by Joseph Roevens PhD Albrecht Mahr on Human […]

Zulu roots of constellation work

Publications and articles Constellation work and Zulu culture: Theoretical reflections on Therapeutic and Cultural Concepts. A Zulu woman’s experience of Family Constellations: An Interview between Tanja Meyburgh and Lindiwe Mthembu-Salter Hellinger in South Africa: a-story of the Zulu origins of Family Constellations, By Tanja Meyburgh, 2009 African Constellations: in search of how African Ancestral Healing […]


To many of our ancestors, the way we live now was inconceivable and completely foreign. It was a different time and place with different rules, and yet our ancestors are still very much a part of us. The memory of all that they lived and experienced is coded in our DNA, It is a part […]

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