What is a Family Constellation?

Barry Krost Interview by Oscar Westra van Holthe

Franz Ruppert interviewed by Oscar Westra van Holthe

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Family Constellations Time Travel: Finding Context for Your Issue with Suzi Tucker and Candice Wu

Gestalt therapist Maria Dolenc is passionate about Family Constellation work and has trained extensively in this approach as well as run workshops throughout Australia and overseas.


Family Constellations: Healing the Family Soul

Having an A-ha moment with Family Constellations

Where Germans Make Peace with Their Dead: Through a practice that is part therapy and part séance, children of war come to terms with their history.

Family Constellation: A Therapy Beyond Words by Ingeborg Stiefel, Poppy Harris and Andreas Zollman

Summary of Bert Hellinger’s Model by Agata Burdzuik

Free Courses

Solve your problems at their root! Discover your transgenerational loyalty and transform it! with Bertold Ulsamer

Family Constellations: An Introduction with Bertold Ulsamer


Family Systems Constellation and other Systemic Constellations Adventures

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The River Never Looks Back. Historical and Practical Foundations of Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations by Ursula Franke

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Family Systems Constellations and Other Systems Constellation Adventures: A transformational journey by Francesca Mason Boring

Coming Home. A First Step into the World of Family Constellations by Barbara Morgan

Lehrbuch der Systemaufstellungen (Textbook of Systemic Constellations) by Stephanie Hartung

Why do Systemic Constellations work? by Stephanie Hartung