Constellations and Neuroscience

In this video, Sarah Peyton explores the contracts we unconsciously make with ourselves that end up becoming self-destructive behaviors. 

Take a listen as Sarah Peyton goes over the emotion and motivational circuits that are present in the brains of all mammals. Sarah uses Jakk Panksepp’s research about each of the circuits, how they can become entangled due to trauma, as well as explore how they relate to the different nervous system states that humans experience.

Sarah Peyton engages participants during the 5th Australasian Constellation Intensive in Sydney in learning and exploration of trauma and neuroscience.

Do anxiety and agitation flood you when the alarm clock goes off in the morning? This free webinar demonstrates three approaches to calming anxiety using neurobiology-informed practices and resonant language.

This conversation between Sarah Peyton and Serge Prengel is part of the Active Pause podcast ( Sarah Peyton shares practical advice on how we can improve the way we relate to ourselves, grounded in an understanding of the underlying brain functions.

A short video with Sarah and Vera Heim showing the relationship of the hemispheres – shot and edited by Trygve Steen


Full Issue of the Knowing Field featuring an article by Sarah Peyton titled: Getting to know the Embodied Brain