Karl-Heinz Rauscher

Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Rauscher (MD) studied medicine in Munich (Germany) and Yale University(USA) and spent eleven years practicing as a specialist in Internal Medicine. He is also trained inHumanistic Psychotherapy and group dynamics. Trained in Family Constellation Work (SCW) by BertHellinger he has been leading international workshops and trainings in SCW since 1994 in Germany,Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Sweden, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Latvia, USA, Canada, Mexico,Argentina and Australia.

In the last years he developed Symptom-Constellations, a special form of SCW for body symptoms,organs and physical and mental disease. He works with an expanded range of energetic disturbancesoriginating in the family of origin, in personal trauma in childhood and unresolved trauma in formerincarnations. His newest development is the combination of SCW with his energetic, shamanic work”Healing Voices”.

He is also a writer. He writes books on philosophy, novels, stage plays and screenplays. His newestbook “Atlantis – The new form of community” published in German 2018 and in Spanish 2019.