Albrecht Mahr

Medical doctor, specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, psychoanalyst, systems therapist.

President of the Systemic Constellations and Integrative Solutions Institute, Würzburg offering workshops for clients and professional trainings worldwide and organizing international conferences on systemic aspects in large group conflict in the series “Fields of Conflict – Fields of Wisdom”.

President 2008 – 2011 of the International Working Group for Systemic Solutions.

Co-founder of ISCA – International Systemic Constellations Association.

Founder and president of iFPC – International Forum Political Constellations offering systemic counselling, supervision, and therapy for clients from the political field.

Co-founder of “FAB – Friendship Across Borders”, the founder is my wife Brigitta – a trialogue educational “Peace Carrier Program” for young adult Israelis, Palestinians, and Germans. 

Faculty member at the MA Peace Studies Program, University of Innsbruck, UNESCO chair for Peace Studies, since 2006 teaching Systemic Constellation Work as a Means for Conflict Transformation

Faculty member at the IAPI – Institut Africain pour la Psychology Intégrale in Kigali, Rwanda, since 2008 teaching systemic constellation work in the context of the community based “Guérir les blessures de la vie” (healing the wounds of life) program. 

2010 presenting at the EU Hearing “From reactive to preventive diplomacy” on “Prevention of mass human rights abuses through political constellations and related approaches”.

For 11 years trainee in the Ridhwan Approach, a combination of psychoanalytically oriented depth psychology and non-denominational spirituality.                                                                                                        

Publications: numerous texts on theory and practical applications of systemic constellation work in German and English systemic journals. 

Editor of “Konfliktfelder – Wissende Felder. Systemaufstellungen in der Friedens- und Versöhnungsarbeit” (Fields of Conflict – Fields of Wisdom. Systemic Constellation Work in Peace and Reconciliation Work, Germany 2003).

Author of the book “Von den Illusionen einer unbeschwerten Kindheit und dem Glück, Erwachsen zu sein“ – On the Illusions of a Happy Childhood and the Joy of Being Adult” (2016, in German).

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