Alison Mezey

Constellation Facilitator specializing in sexuality and addiction, Sexologist, Trainer & Media Maker
Ali Mezey has been working in the Healing Arts for over forty years as a Body Therapist, Family Constellation Work facilitator, Somatic Counselor, Sexologist and media maker. Her offerings are rooted in an approach that honors and engages the body’s intelligence, first, prioritizing the insights and guidance much more available than we might think.

Melding her unusual and highly-effective skill sets, Ali guides her clients to access all their bodies know about current problems, emotional and physical pain often caused by trauma, intergenerational patterning, and cultural inhibition – and literally see (and feel) the pathway beyond those restrictions towards greater freedom, confidence and pleasure. 
Ali’s extensive experience is that body-first approaches can benefit everyone, yet she’s found particular success in working with clients struggling with addiction and sexuality issues.

Ali’s private practice is based in Los Angeles, California, with clients and students all over the world. In addition to her 1:1 client work, Ali teaches Personal Geometry®, inspired and informed by Constellation Work, to therapists and healing professionals across the globe. Ali is also committed to advocating for the body’s brilliance in media such as her podcast, The Brilliant Body Podcast, available on all major platforms.

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