Anél Pieter Hamersma

Anél Hamersma is a speaker and facilitator. She holds an honours degree in performance from the University of Cape Town, and she is a SCASA registered systemic constellations facilitator with a background in the Thinking Environment (Nancy Kline).

Anél started her career working in the field of Corporate Theatre, finding creative solutions to sticky corporate challenges through well-realized theatrical interventions, and rolling them out to workplaces across the country. Some clients included the Dept of Health, Dept of Agriculture, Safmarine, Checkers, De Beers, Kap International, Old Mutual, Metropolitan, The City of Thswane, Ackermans, Pioneer Foods (DVD), The Foschini Group, Bokomo, Media 24, Sanlam, Carrol Boyes and SA Port Operations.

These days she is a professional speaker who facilitates meaningful encounters with the Self by drawing on a variety of different modalities, including art, performance, and indigenous practices.

In 2017 she joined Two Oceans Toastmasters, and in 2018 won the Western Cape Finals for Prepared Speaking. Anél lives and works in Cape Town where she presents and facilitates courses, workshops, and lectures on creative living.

See Anél’s Linked-In profile.

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