Bert Hellinger

Bert Hellinger is the founder of Family Constellation.

He began his research on the representative phenomenon in 1978 and discovered the basic orders of life, which he called “Orders of Love”. These form the basis of Family Constellation.

Including the female side through his wife Sophie, they researched and developed Family Constellation of that time more and more up to the present state, Original Hellinger® Family Constellation, which is offered today worldwide through the Hellinger®schule.

Since the death of Bert in September 2019, Sophie Hellinger has been responsible for being the caretaker and energetic motor for the continuation and development of his heritage. 

Bert Hellinger: Trans-generational dynamics and Mental Illness

Bert Hellinger: Adoption

Bert Hellinger – Couples Relationship – The secret of Love

Bert Hellinger – More is not enough – No Mother – No partner

Bert Hellinger – Mother in the service of life

Bert Hellinger – Being in resonance with one – creative force

Facilitation with Bert Hellinger

Interview about family constellation work with Bert Hellinger

he Art of Helping, with Bert Hellinger

Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont – Healing love VOL 1

Family Constellation: Insomnia and Drug Addiction

Bert Hellinger and Dyrian Benz Interview




Dimensions of Love

4 DVD set.
Bert Hellinger demonstrates Movements of the Spirit Mind in a workshop in Washington, DC, July 2006. Topics include Movements of the Spirit Mind; Reconciliation at last; Double entanglement; Meditation: Spirit Mind; Adoption; Meditation: Changing curses into blessings; In your place; Consequences of abortions; Brief therapies; The dark night; Early interrupted movements; Looking at mothers with awe.

Families in Turmoil 

5 DVD set.
The hidden dynamics of mental illness are exposed in this workshop facilitated by Bert Hellinger in Santa Barbara, CA, November 2003. Topics include: The Origin of psychosis; Transgenerational schizophrenia; Atonement for guilt; Reconciling the murderer and victim; Leading one’s own life; Groping in the dark; Agreeing to fate; Autism; Helping in a good way; Child with night terrors; Helping in tune with fate; Growing beyond empathy; The father at last; From no to yes; Rejecting the mother; Death and life; Presumption; Reconciliation with the dead; Leaving the dead among themselves; Psychic hygiene for the helper; The procedure; The real question; The real issue; Healing movements for a severely disturbed family; Holding one’s arm; Son united father with the victims; The detail; Releasing perpetrators through love; Disturbed brother; Autism; Bipolar illness; Disturbed grandmother and mother.

Family Constellations and Their Contributions to Health
4 DVD set.
The dynamics of health and illness are shown in this workshop facilitated by Bert and Sophie Hellinger in Washington, DC area May, 2007. Topics include: Basic laws; Exclusion leads to entanglement; Conscience – personal & collective; Rejection; Old and new way of Family Constellations; The dynamic behind tears; Anger-murderous rage; Abortion; Purpose of illness; Autism; Smiling while speaking of serious illness; Cancer; Heaven; Mothers; Secret of tragedies; “I in your place”; Meditation: Death; Guru-substitute for mother; Siblings in the right place; Three magic words, “Yes”, “Thank you” & “Please”; Function of conscience; Atonement for personal guilt; An accident; Prayer; Adoption; The bees; The future.

Helping in Depth

2 DVD set.
Bert Hellinger demonstrates how to work in a small group in Washington, DC area, February 2003. Topics include Rounds; Reaching the limit; Consoling; Interpretation; The Art of helping; Helping in a healing way; Big, small; Choosing a client for work in a group; Taking the parents; Observing without judgment; Looking to the ground; Manic depression/bi-polar psychosis; Recurring breast cancer; Having the parents and two big countries.

Love at Second Sight…
3 DVD set.
Bert Hellinger uncovers the hidden dynamics within a couple’s relationship in this workshop in Washington, DC, August 2002. Topics include: Introduction to Love between a man & a woman; Love at second sight; Life even at this cost (Huntington’s disease); “I do it in your place” over several generations; Atonement for guilt; Men and women; Connecting to the men; Peace in families through conflict and separation; The double shift; No place in her world; Giving & taking in relationships; Father’s son (former partner identification explained); Gratitude (giving and taking in relationships); Thanking the stepmother; Compassion in relationships (the effects of forgivingness); Helping one another to grow; The children reveal the parents quarrel; Meditation: Tuning in to the source of life; Letting go; Dynamics behind older man, younger woman; Bonding in couples relationships; The Ancestors are still alive in you; The atomic bomb – Reconciling the Japanese American conflict within a couple.

Paths to Reconciliation
3 DVD set.
Bert Hellinger facilitates a workshop in Ottawa, Canada in October 2004. The following topics emerged: “I do it in your place, mother”; Taking the mother with 3 words-“Thank you”, “Please” and “Yes”; Bert’s letter to own his mother; Entangled with a crippled uncle; The miracle of life; Schizophrenia-concealed murder within a family; Schizophrenia of societies; Group conscience; The past; Meditation: Leaving the dead alone; Agreeing to everything; Excluded English speaking ancestor; Mother followed someone into death; Lecture on knowledge vs wisdom from essential insights; Basic procedure of phenomenological approach; Exposing self to the field and waiting for the insight to appear; Getting in tune- a philosophy of life; Mom, please; Giving up after husband’s death.

The Art of Healing
2 DVD set.
Bert Hellinger demonstrates how to work in a Learning Circle in Davies, FL, February 2003. Topics that surfaced include: The Learning Circle; Resisting countertransference; Systemic empathy; Manic depression; Illnesses represent rejected people; Adoption; Elephantiasis; Quick circle; Meditation: Clients, their ancestors, their death & their destiny; Leaving the dead to their ancestors and their destiny to God; Atonement for guilt; Multiple personalities; Looking at the victims; Addiction; On forgiveness; Headaches; Destiny; and Waiting for the essential point.

The Learning Circle
2 DVD set.
Bert Hellinger demonstrates how to work in a Learning Circle in Washington, DC August 2002. The following topics came to light: Working in a Learning Circle; Addiction; Rejecting the mother; Spiritual search for God; Trouble sleeping; Regaining control; Guilt, blame and surrendering to fate; Comparison explanation of Family Constellations versus traditional psychotherapy; Empathy; Worry; The phenomenological approach; A quick round; Three countries; Former partners; Incest.

Adoption: (Volume 1)
1 DVD 1997
Bert Hellinger demonstrates how “love’s hidden symmetry” can guide families in distress. In this case, workshop participants who are dealing with problems related to adoption discover ways to restore the flow of love and support hopeful alternatives in their lives. Hellinger helps them to access unacknowledged loyalties and other hidden forces, which can be channeled in appropriate and healthy ways.

Honoring the Dead and Facing Death: (Volume 2)
1 DVD 1997
Three different family constellations are presented to reveal the depth and power of this approach as family members struggle to deal with the difficult issues of death and dying.

Blind Love: (Volume 3)
1 DVD 1997
This presentation shows how children’s blind love for their parents perpetuates family dysfunction. In three family constellations Hellinger demonstrates how this love can be transformed into the enlightened love that supports well-being.
Grieving for Children: (Volume 4)
1 DVD 1997
In this powerful video, four different family systems move toward resolution in the wake of the loss of a child.
Transgenerational Systemic Effects: (Volume 5)
1 DVD 1997
Bert Hellinger guides participants toward restoration of the flow of love that nurtures growth when entanglements across generations have disrupted it.
Hidden Family Dynamics: (Volume 6)
1 DVD 1997
Four family constellations show the harmful identifications that children sometimes have with parents and grandparents. Bert Hellinger works with participants to acknowledge hidden dynamics and to discover healthy ways to recover compassion and love.
Hellinger Professional Reference Series: (Volumes 1-6)
Each of the six videos was made at a demonstration workshop in England that included mental health professionals, their clients, and other interested lay people. Therapist Johannes Neuhauser, also an award-winning documentary filmmaker, honestly captures Hellinger’s approach to the work and how it is received by the participants.

Healing Love:
A Teaching Seminar on Love’s Hidden Symmetry with Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont

For those interested in learning how to apply Bert Hellinger’s family constellations method to their own work with couples and families. From a workshop given in Washington, DC in 1999, this 3 DVD set shows how the family constellation approach works across a broad spectrum of issues.

Holding Love:
A Teaching Seminar on Love’s Hidden Symmetry with Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont

For those interested in learning how to apply Bert Hellinger’s family constellations method to their own work with couples and families. From a workshop given in San Francisco in 1999, this 3-volume set shows how the family constellation approach works across a broad spectrum of issues.

ReViewing Assumptions:
A Dialogue about phenomena that challenge our world with Bert Hellinger, Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger and Rupert Sheldrake. 1999 A conversation between Bert Hellinger, psychodramatist Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger, and scientist-philosopher Rupert Sheldrake. The discussion encompasses such vast topics as patterns of trauma in families and the multidimensionality of death and dying.

Dimensions of Love-LECTURE in Norway
Bert Hellinger gives an evening lecture in Oslo, Norway, April 2007 on “Moving with the Spirit Mind”.

Moving with the Spirit-Mind
7 DVD set
Oslo, Norway April 2007

Norway Set
Both the Lecture and 7 DVD set.


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