Ria Verlinden

Ria has been a Gestalt trainer, supervisor and therapist for 30 years. She is a former member and a trainer at the Gestalt Institute Multidimens in both Belgium, The Netherlands and Czech Republic and the founder of the Gestalt Insitute in Prague (1991). Today she still works there as a senior trainer and supervisor. Ria trained in systems constellations with Judith Hemming, Hunter Beaumont and Bert Hellinger, mostly in London.

These days she has a coaching practice, but her main work is training, workshops and team development from the systemic perspective. Her first constellation workshop in South Africa was given 20 years ago. Methodology: Gestalt Coaching, Systemic Work / Constellations, systemic rituals and real-life client case studies.


Suzi Tucker

Suzi Tucker became interested in the work of Bert Hellinger while Editor-in-Chief of Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Publishers. Following an active career in publishing, she cofounded the Bert Hellinger Institute, USA, LLC, and subsequently went on to study, teach, and facilitate family constellations on her own, across the United States and Canada.

Now a long time professional in the field, Suzi brings to her facilitation a particular blend of clarity, warmth, humour, and commitment to authenticity. Whoever you are, she can speak your language.

Suzi’s book Gather Enough Fireflies is available on amazon. She is also co-editor and contributing author to Messengers of Healing (2005), contributing author to For Couples: Ten Commandments for Every Aspect of Your Relationship Journey (2011), and contributing author to several related journals.


Jane Peterson

Jane met Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont in 1998 and was immediately taken with the systemic, somatic-based approach to resolving human suffering that constellation work offered. Something powerful was happening in these “constellations”, and quickly!

Jane wanted to understand the magic of the process, and to share this powerful work effectively with others. Out of that impulse, the Human Systems Institute, Inc. was formed in 1999 with the mission of introducing constellation work in the world. Twenty years later, due to the efforts of Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, Albrecht Mahr, Hunter Beaumont, Sneh Schnabel, and many others who love this work, constellations seem to have taken root, with many wonderful teachers and facilitators in over 30 countries world wide.

There is still much to do, of course. Constellation work needs to find a home within the larger field of human healing and evolutionary work, and to be developed in ways that make it more accessible to more people. Our institute is engaged in that effort through trainings, workshops, individual consulting sessions and research projects.