Cecilio Regojo

With more than 40 years of business experience, he has held several positions of responsibility in companies of multiple sectors and areas of activity. His experience as a businessman, together with his experience as business consultant dealing with several companies in many countries, has provided him with a broad understanding of organizations and companies.

He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University (Lisbon) and has several post-graduate degrees in Business Administration, among others.

He was trained on Organizational Constellations with the best specialists in this area (Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, Jan Jacob Stam, Matthias Varga von Kibèd, Insa Sparrer, Jane Peterson, Jakob & Sieglinde Schneider, Albrecht Mahr, Judith Hemming, Christine Essen, Guni-Leila Baxa, Michael Blumenstein, Dagmar Ingwersen, Johannes Benedikt Schmidt, Georg Senoner, Lorenz Wiest, Franz Ruppert, Stephan Hausner, etc.).

He is an international trainer on Organizational Constellations (Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Armenia, Turkey, etc.) and he participates in International Congress as invited lecture (EUA, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France, etc.).

He is a Master Trainer Certified by INFOSYON (International Forum for System Constellations in Organizations).

His training courses and work can be done in the 4 languages that he speaks fluently (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French).

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