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Ancestral Connections®: For the Future

Tanja Meyburgh and Sian Palmer
by Tanja Meyburgh and Sian Palmer
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About Course

Ancestral Connections® recognises that both our ancestors and descendants are real people who live and breathe within us. Our capacity to access the gifts and the connections of both is possible through the embodied experience of constellations, music, and movement. In "For the Future" we uncover our creativity, intuition, and our capacity to vision through the body, imagination, and the senses so that we can discover the blueprint for the times to come. Imagine living in the best possible future where our human intelligences are used to support a regenerative and thriving life in cities and rural spaces. As ancestors of the future, we hold the creative capacity to make this happen. The course consists of a four parts video with guidance from the facilitators including music, constellations, and ritual to be done in your own home. We recommend engaging in one session per week.
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What I will learn?

  • Part 1: Connecting with resources and family ancestors.
  • Part 2: Inner resources and becoming ancestors of the future.
  • Part 3: The best possible future and connecting with future generations.
  • Part 4: Finding the path forward.

Course Curriculum

For the future

  • 03:56
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • In closing

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4 years ago
Thank you to Tanja and Sian for this wonderful offering. I am very grateful for your efforts and the technology that made an online version possible; and am amazed at how deeply we can go, even if not physically together, nor even doing it at the same time. Doing the course over a month gave the time and space for this deep work of going back into the past, and out into the future, to be digested and travel with me in the present. I am also sure that this work will continue to do its thing over the coming weeks and months, and indeed far into the future... Thank you!
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