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Constellations in Individual Therapy, Coaching and Online

Tanja Meyburgh
by Tanja Meyburgh
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About Course

Constellations in Individual Therapy and Coaching. This advanced training module is designed for constellation facilitators and trainees that are interested in deepening and extending their knowledge and practice of working with individuals using constellations in one-on-one therapy, coaching or online. It does not cover the basics of constellation facilitation and therefore only suitable and open to those who have the fundamentals in place. The trainer Tanja Meyburgh will draw on her extensive training in Family and Systems Constellations and experience of cases using constellations over the last 18 years in her private practice with therapeutic and coaching clients, training, and supervision. This has been one of the most popular training modules in the past due to its practical application and possibility to immediately apply the learning to your work setting. The training is presented in pre-recorded format with the possibility to interact with co-trainees and the trainer online through the dedicated private Facebook group. We include diverse teaching formats including video and audio lectures, interviews with guest teachers, recorded sessions with teaching reflections, articles, meditations, and practice sessions with peer feedback.
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What I will learn?

  • Understanding and confidence to work with individual constellations using papers, dollies, objects, visualisation and online.
  • Skills and resources to implement constellations in the one-on-one setting in therapy and/or coaching.
  • Refresh and recap of core constellation principles and information contained in the positions.
  • To identify personal core strengths and niche areas based on your own working model or map of therapy or coaching.
  • Ideas and inspiration for working creatively.
  • Using the genogram as a map and record keeping tool.
  • Peer reflection and Q&A emerging in the field of practice.

Course Curriculum


  • Background – Part 1
  • Background – Part 2
  • Foundation
  • Documents
  • Genograms

Constellations with Figurines or Dollies

Constellations with Papers or Floor Markers

Constellations in the Mind’s Eye or Imagination

Guest Teacher Interviews

Other Tools for Individual Settings


The Practice

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12 months ago
This entire course has been thorough and enlightening. The videos combined with the group sessions provides a world class training for any family constellation practitioner.
I enjoyed watching the recorded examples for learning, as well as all the group interactions.
2 years ago
I truly love the content and Tanja's voice drops me into my body almost instantaneously. I have been experiencing the content in bite sizes from July 2021 to July 2022 and am surprised how moving even recorded work can be. I was particularly moved by the client constellations and the tutorial on the cards. Each tutorial was just what I needed in the present moment. It was uncanny. I didn't watch the tutorials in order. I found myself intuitively guided to that which I needed to learn on any particular day. And the content easily facilitated this process to take what I needed in each moment. An amazing experience again. In terms of technical rating, there are video and audio improvements that can be made but these do not overwhelm the beautiful content in each tutorial. Thank you x
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