Healing shame with Sarah Peyton

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What makes Constellations so powerful? How do they compress so much growth and transformation into so little time? Join Sarah Peyton, neuroscience educator, author and constellation facilitator, and explore the neuroscience of the change that constellations can support.

Shame is, both the most difficult and paradoxically, the most connecting of emotions. It is so essentially human that it can be difficult to shift in our constellation work. Using the foundation of the neuroscience of shame, and the understanding that the principles of constellations bring us, we learn skills and approaches to shake up and reorient ourselves and our clients to power and new levels of shame resilience. 

NOTE: This is a recorded workshop which consists of highlights from lectures, q & a, mini-constellations and large-group constellations.

What Will I Learn?

  • The 3-D relational grid all of us carry in our brains.
  • The flow of love in constellations and from prefrontal cortex to amygdala.
  • The role of the amygdala in the timelessness of trauma and in constellations.
  • The importance of understanding unconscious contracts for the resolution of client problems in constellation work.

Topics for this course

6 Lessons06h 30m

Healing shame with Sarah Payton

Introduction lecture1:53:02
What are unconscious contracts57:55
Constellation 11:15:40
Constellation 21:23:48