Inspiration and Resources for New Constellations Trainers

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About Course

Family and Systems Constellations are growing exponentially and the first generation of trainers are gradually handing over to a new generation.  There is so much important knowledge to share amongst those who have experience around the globe, to ensure a strong knowledge lineage and roots that support an emerging and changing practice.

The aim of this course is to provide resources to ensure quality in our professional field and create a community of knowledge sharing and rigorous practice.

Part 1 includes interviews with first-generation and established trainers who have been offering constellations training for a number of years as well as relevant articles from The Knowing Field Journal provided by Barbara Morgan.

Tanja Meyburgh who has taken 17 different groups through a 2-year training is the moderator of this course. In conversation with the trainers she explores their backgrounds, how they structure trainings, screening processes, teaching style and curriculum, what works, what does not work, difficult moments and decision making in training and broader questions affecting the constellation field.

If there is interest, the offerings in Resources for Constellations Trainers Part 2 will be adapted and expanded upon based on questions and needs arising out of the trainer community that participate in Part 1.

Some of our interviews include: Guni Baxa, Lap Fung Cheng, Barbara Morgan, Maria Dolenc, Francesca Mason-Boring, Tanja Meyburgh and Leslie Nipps.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Inspiration and practical resources for starting and existing trainers (Part 1)
  • Topics include:
  • how early training of the first generation was conducted;
  • important aspects to include in the training methodology and curriculum;
  • screening and application processes;
  • teaching style that works for constellations;
  • what is needed to effectively facilitate;
  • key learnings in years of training experience;
  • experiences of asking trainees to leave the training;
  • experiences and solutions with difficult incidents with trainees
  • shadow aspects in the constellation field
  • pearls of wisdom for newcomers

Course Content

Resources for trainers

  • Introduction
  • Interview with Maria Dolenc
  • Interview with Barbara Morgan
  • Interview with Tanja Meyburgh
  • Interview with Cheng Lap Fung
  • Interview with Leslie Nipps
  • Interview with Francesca Mason-Boring
  • Articles

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