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Language of the Soul

Judith Hemming
by Judith Hemming
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Judith Hemming has 35 years of experience as a therapist and constellator and stands as one of the most highly respected elders of our community. In this series of interviews, we explore the role of language and how it can transform our clients and their experience of systemic and family constellations. Judith’s wisdom and passion for language is palpable and her ability to impart knowledge makes her one of the most extraordinary teachers of the first generation of constellation trainers. Steeped in the history and a wider contextual view of the origins of constellation work, this course will be of value to facilitators and trainers who would like to take a deep dive that zooms in on what we say, how we say it and what is not said between the facilitator and the client. Please note: This is an in-depth conversation with a highly experienced elder in our community and is not a teaching course. It is therefore only suitable for those who already understand principles and philosophy of constellation.
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What I will learn?

  • We explore the role of language and how it can transform our clients and their experience of systemic and family constellations.

Course Curriculum

Language of the Soul

  • Language to touch the soul
  • A confident Knower and Not-Knower
  • Revealing and reordering sentences
  • Being fully present
  • A deeper level of reality
  • What we don’t face, we pass on
  • Articles

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3 years ago
This is one of the deepest talks I've received about Family Constellations work.
Judith talks from vast experience. Judith helps the listener become more deeply and both consciously and unconsciously aware of the multidimensions of Constellations work in an enlightening way. She talks about things that are important including unpleasant aspects, dangers and pitfalls.
I've been facilitating regularly for a few years, and this has been enlightening and gave me joy.
Thank you so much Real Academy team for bringing this Elder to us in such an available yet deep way.
Yael Reiss,
4 years ago
Judith is the kind of facilitator that is so en-souled that just listening to her helps you get into deeper connection with your own soul, and the Field. I'm so grateful to her, as well as Tanja, for recording this conversation. As a facilitator working alone in a rather rural area of France, I felt truly nourished by this offering. These are three hours that will enrich your life and your work.
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