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Nature Constellations

Francesca Mason-Boring
by Francesca Mason-Boring
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About Course

Nature Constellations will allow facilitators of systems constellation to expand their practice by beginning to include nature more consciously in their facilitation of family, organizational, community, collective, and all applications of systems constellation. This content will also provide several specific templates and resources which will allow you to consider whether you might wish to offer a constellation workshop which specifically addresses issues around land management, identifying specific support for clients through the inclusion of Nature in constellation, and possible explorations and understanding of our human connection to nature yet to be discovered. Facilitation of Nature Constellation assumes prior training and experience in the facilitation of systems constellation. Completion of all material is recommended before beginning to offer Nature Constellations. In addition to the facilitation of Nature Constellation this course provides references and resources which could encourage teachers at all levels, to expand their personal perspectives, and nurture within students a deeper perception of indigenous knowledge which is increasingly appreciated for its respect and relationship to the natural world. For those in helping professions, therapist, medical practitioners, counselors, life coaches, etc. the content of this course may reinforce the inclusion of nature and natural elements in your approach. Further, I hold a hope that for those who are serving human beings something in this content will remind you to make space to renew yourself through encounters with nature- whether through more regular visualizations of quiet vistas, flower gardens, or inviting places to lie on the grass when you are pressured; perhaps your earlier camping trips, or nature walks will be reinstated to more frequently restore your energy levels and allow you to fully let go the stresses which can accumulate when you are accompanying other human beings in difficult circumstances.
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What I will learn?

  • Experience the ‘field’ of nature, how does She feel?
  • Constellations for pets.
  • Informing land use and living with the land
  • Constellation as Vision Quest.
  • How to use constellation work to inform architectural design, & land development.
  • Using constellation to inform community action and corporate education.
  • Nature in Constellation to support those who have experienced trauma.
  • What is right relationship between human beings & nature?

Course Curriculum

Part 1 – Introduction to Nature Constellations

  • The beginning – a meditation

Part 2 – Background

Part 3 – Templates and Structures

Part 4 – The future of Nature

Resources and references

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4 Ratings
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12 months ago
It has been a wonderful journey with Francesca in this course. Nature is not quiet and Nature is very powerful.
Water could be sad and full of grief.
How much we as human beings can understand the feeling of Nature? This course really opens my eyes. Thank you.
2 years ago
This online training is a treasure amidst so many good online learning options. Francesca Mason Boring brings so many resources to the table here. I have all the ingredients to facilitate nature constellations. And I have been able to return and listen again to certain parts needed. Thank you for the opportunity.
2 years ago
Love everything Francesca, and especially this training with Nature constellations.
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Target Audience

  • Facilitators of Systems Constellation: Family Constellation, Organizational Constellation, Collective Constellation, etc. who wish to grow their practice and include nature and the environment in their facilitation.
  • Trainers of Systems Constellation who wish to expand their training to include principles and tools for facilitating nature and environmental constellations
  • Persons and professionals who wish to know more about the impact of nature within the family and community system, including: Teachers, Psychotherapists, Architects, Foresters, Botanists, those in the Fisheries Industry, Health Care Providers, Body Workers, Farmers, Biologists, Land Owners, Entrepreneurs, Environmental Engineers, all those who feel drawn to Nature Constellation and wish some clarification about the approach as well as an experiential resourcing through Nature and Environmental Constellation.
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