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About Course

This short course for beginner and intermediate facilitators offers a wealth of wisdom on some of the most basic constellation principles. We speak to some of the most experienced international master facilitators and trainers, including Ah Fung, Maria Dolenc, Tanja Meyburgh, Bertold Ulsamer, Francesca Mason Boring, Barbara Morgan and Sarah Peyton. If you are a facilitator, or if you are currently in constellations training, this course helps to create a strong foundation for the work.


-Common themes and topics covered
-Variety in explanations of similar topics
-International experiences of trainers
-Viewpoints from various professional backgrounds https://vimeo.com/440315353/5ad6535a0a

What Will I Learn?

  • the knowing field
  • resourcing
  • representation
  • healing sentences and
  • illness

Topics for this course

24 Lessons5h 44m

Healing Sentences?

What are healing sentences? What is the function of healing sentences? How do you, as a facilitator, ascertain what the best healing sentence is in any given situation? When is the best time to use healing sentences? How do you know if a healing sentence has been effective?
Healing Sentences with Maria Dolenc7:14
Healing Sentences with Barbara Morgan15:45
Healing Sentences with BIll Mannle10:18


What is your definition of illness, or What is the systemic view of illness? How can we work with illness in a systemic way? What are your views on death as a constellations facilitator? What are some of the constellations interventions focused on illness that have stayed with you? What have you noticed and learnt about illness as a facilitator? What should other facilitators be aware of when working with physical illness?


What does it mean to ‘serve as a representative’? What is the difference between representing and role-playing? How can we best prepare representatives to step into a role? What are your thoughts on ‘representative perception’? What do you do if a role is too much for someone? What do you do as a facilitator when representatives get out of hand, or talk too much? What do you do if an attendee reports after a few days that they are struggling to shake the role?

The Knowing Field?

What is the knowing field? How do you work with the field in constellation work? What are some of the defining qualities of the knowing field, or how do you know that you are working in the knowing field? What is the relationship between the knowing field and the family soul? Do you work with the field outside of constellation work? What does the field have to teach us?


What are the main resources available during a constellation? As a constellations facilitator, how do you work with resources in constellations? How do you decide which resource is best in any particular situation? How do you resource yourself as a facilitator?

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This series is for facilitators of all levels of experience. I have been facilitating for 3 years and have attended many training sessions. The gift of this online course is that because there are no constellations happening - I'm not in resonance or processing a constellation, I could really listen to the wisdom of these experienced facilitators. I picked up nuances that I had not heard before. Each time I listen I know that I will learn something new.

Have really enjoyed reading the articles from the Knowing Field too.

This is a wonderful gift. Thank you

I have been facilitating group constellations for a couple of years and working individually with Family Constellations for a few years now. I am only part way through this course, and I am SO grateful to you guys in REAL academy. This is a treasure. Seeing and listening to the Elders in our field is an enlightening, heartwarming, reassuring, enriching experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Yael Tsvieli Reiss


Material Includes

  • 20 videos
  • 5 hours and 44 minutes worth of material
  • 25 Articles from the Knowing Field

Target Audience

  • Beginner and intermediate facilitators