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Masterclass Series: Sitting with the Elders

Tanja Meyburgh
by Tanja Meyburgh

What I will learn?

  • Sitting with the Elders gives reverence and voice to our Constellation and Systemic Elders that form part of the first generation trained by Hellinger in Classical Constellations.
  • We will make sure that the important voices of this first generation are heard and that future generations know the roots of the work.
  • Hosted by Tanja Meyburgh, with 20 years of Constellation experience herself, each conversation is unique in what emerges in the field between, her, the hosted Elder and you the audience.

Course Curriculum

Tanja Meyburgh
Be immersed in the profound wisdom of ancestral fields with Tanja Meyburgh in this Sitting with the Elders session. Tanja shares insights into ancestral practices, understanding past persecution and suppression while highlighting the need for preparation and respect. She emphasizes the importance of cultivating a personal relationship with ancestors, extending reverence beyond familial lineage to include ancestors of the land and elements. Drawing from traditional African culture, she invites practitioners to reconnect with ancestral wisdom for systemic healing. Tanja advocates for embodiment and ritual in ancestral work, offering a transformative pathway to bypass trauma-focused narratives. Join us to sit in the glow of well-ruminated ancestral wisdom and discover the transformative power of ancestral connection.

  • Tanja Meyburgh

Ginny Vinson
Positive Change and Resilience through Love, Courage, and Attention Embark on an enlightening journey with esteemed Elder Ginny Vinson in this inspiring instalment of Sitting with the Elders. Ginny's journey began with a natural gift for connection, leading her to specialize in grief support and Family Constellations under Bert Hellinger's guidance. Despite facing significant challenges, especially when an accident in 2001 left her as a quadriplegic. Ginny's resilience and determination have been unwavering, offering a beacon of hope to all who encounter her story. In this illuminating interview with Erik Andersen, Ginny reflects on her experiences with Bert Hellinger, offering unique perspectives on his teachings and the evolution of Constellation work. Through her own journey, Ginny imparts invaluable wisdom on topics such as non-attachment to outcomes and the integration of Constellations into everyday life. “I believe in the unlimited potential of every person I meet. I see it in them, I feel it. I'm just sort of a guide there to offer space and offer perspectives but they're at choice at every point and when they make a change or when they have a release, that's not me, that's what they've done. I just provide a process for it to be able to happen.” Moreover, Ginny shares insightful reflections on transitioning from in-person to online sessions, highlighting the profound impact of virtual platforms on the Constellation experience. Masterclass members are invited to explore these nuances and discover new avenues for healing and connection in both virtual and physical spaces. Join us as we delve into Ginny's rich tapestry of experience, where trauma, resilience, and healing intersect to illuminate the path toward personal transformation and growth. In the company of this revered Elder, Masterclass members are empowered to embrace the wisdom of the ages and embark on their own journeys of healing and self-discovery.

Leslie Nipps
Join us for an enlightening interview with Leslie Nipps, an esteemed Elder from New Mexico, as she shares her wisdom on Constellation Work. With a background as an Episcopal priest, Leslie offers a unique perspective, exploring the First Order of Love and the power of acknowledging what is. Discover the transformative potential of addressing systemic imbalances and navigating the delicate balance between authority and humility in facilitation. Leslie's insights extend to the spiritual dimensions of ritual and the therapeutic benefits of Constellation Work. With practical tips for practitioners, she emphasizes the value of practice and listening to system feedback. Join us on this transformative journey toward healing and wholeness.

Jonine LeGabay
Jonine LeGabay, an esteemed Elder in the Field based in Australia, is passionate about organising international training and intensives and to build community in this way. Her wisdom, exuberance and zest for life is infectious and welcoming. She has the gift of hosting and of creating community in the field of Constellation Work and shares her profound insights and wisdom regarding the value of a truly collaborative community. Reflecting on the shift to online events prompted by the pandemic, Jonine highlights the unexpected benefits, such as expanded international participation and increased collaboration. The first online conference hosted 91 presenters, featuring 125 workshops, and engaging approximately 400 attendees, a testament to the global reach of Constellation Work. A significant focus emerges as Jonine passionately discusses the nurturing of new facilitators. Acknowledging the importance of the Elders, she emphasizes the vital role of second and third-generation practitioners in contributing to the field. Jonine's inspiration lies in creating safe and supportive environments for new facilitators to flourish, providing a space for their unique expressions to unfold. “If we all nurture and support each other to shine, there's an abundance of healing”, she says. As Jonine envisions the future of Constellation Work, she underscores the need for a supportive, authentic community. Addressing the impact of trauma on self-expression, she advocates for safe spaces that encourage honest and non-shaming communication. Her emphasis on personal commitment to inner work resonates as she shares how delving into deep, dark places results in profound joy and sustained energy. Jonine's vision extends globally, anticipating Constellation Work's continued expansion through cross-pollination of ideas and trust. The Masterclass encapsulates her vibrant energy, inspiring practitioners to contribute to a collaborative, respectful, and authentic Constellation community. Through Jonine's wisdom, this Masterclass becomes a beacon, guiding practitioners on a transformative journey within the rich tapestry of Constellation Work.

Lindiwe Mthembu-Salter
Experiences and reflections of constellations and Zulu cultural roots Lindiwe Mthembu-Salter, the first Zulu woman to undergo Constellation facilitator training in South Africa, shares profound insights on the intrinsic link between Zulu culture and Constellation Work. Her journey, rooted in Kwa Mashu, KwaZulu Natal, saw early immersion in cultural traditions that shaped her identity. A scholarship led her into integrative counselling, converging with the transformative realm of Family Constellation.

Brendan O’Brien
Embark on a transformative journey with Brendan O'Brien, co-founder of Family Constellations Ireland, in this Real Academy Masterclass. With over two decades of experience, Brendan discusses the evolution of Constellation work, emphasizing its role as a profound service to life. Dive into the compassionate exploration of suicide, guided by Brendan's extensive research since 2014. Witness the deep humanity within Constellation Work, where individuals affected by suicide lead the way, offering a safe space to name the pain. Brendan shares practical insights, asking practitioners to compassionately explore the question: Can we let go? Join this soulful exploration to expand your understanding of Family Constellations.

Gaye Donaldson
Introducing Gaye Donaldson, a senior trainer at the CSC in the UK and a seasoned practitioner and respected Elder in the field of Systemic Constellations. In this enlightening Masterclass interview, Gaye delves into the ever-evolving landscape of Constellation work, discussing the balance between the phenomenological approach and the systemic Orders framework. "The potency of Constellation work resides in the balance of phenomenology and the Orders," as Gaye puts it. This balance is essential for us as practitioners to become more rigorous in our phenomenological and systemic understanding. It empowers us to hold and attend to the fundamental truths of life with deep respect.


Edward Lynch

Paul Stoney

Bibi Schreuder

Yishai Gaster

Jan Jacob Stam

Bill Mannle

Stephan Hausner

Ingala Robl

Dan Cohen

Marianne Franke-Gricksch

Albrecht Mahr

Karl-Heinz Rauscher

Sneh Victoria Schnabel

Suzi Tucker

Anngwyn St. Just

Hunter Beaumont

Barbara Morgan

Bertold Ulsamer
A Masterclass interview with Elder Bertold Ulsamer.

Francesca Mason-Boring
Tanja Meyburgh talks to elder Francesca Mason-Boring about Nature Constellations, toiletpaper timelines and the future of constellations.

Ria Verlinden
As part of the 'Sitting with the Elders' series, Tanja Meyburgh interviews Elder Ria Verlinden from Belgium. They talk about Africa, its power and wisdom, and much more.

Daan van Kampenhout
In this Masterclass, Tanja Meyburgh sits with one of the elders of the systemic constellations community, Daan van Kampenhout, founder of Systemic Constellations.

Judith Hemming

Guni Baxa
Tanja Meyburgh and Elder Guni Baxa have a thought-provoking conversation about nature, phenomenology and constructivism, and much more.

Gunthard Weber
Tanja Meyburgh sits with Gunthard Weber, who was the catalyst for the phenomenal spread of constellation work in Germany, and later even further afield, as a result of the book "Love's Hidden Symmetry".

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