Dragos Riti

Dragos is of Romanian origin and speaks three languages (Romanian, French and English). His encounter with Family Constellations was in 2009 when he got as a birthday present a two-day Family Constellation workshop. There, he got the insight of his life, the answer to a lifelong existential question. Since then, he is pursuing this path as a part of his life mission.

He met Bert Hellinger in 2010 and right after followed several training programs:

2010-2012 – Barbara Morgan – Family Constellations

2011-2013 _ Jutta Ten Herkel – Family Constellations

2014 – Sophie Hellinger – Hellinger Sciencia- Working with Cosmic Power

2014 – Jan Jacob Stam – Bert Hellinger Instituut Netherlands – Organizational Constellations

2016 – Jan Jacob Stam – Bert Hellinger Instituut Netherlands – Train the Trainer for Organizational Constellations

2018 – Ruud Knapen – Wind.nu – Constellations & Coaching with Horses

During the years of exploration, he has met and learned from other teachers, like Hunter Beaumont, Bill Mannle, Stephan Hausner, Franz Ruppert, Francesca Mason Boring, Tanja Meyburgh, Sarah Peyton, Victoria Sneh Schnabel, Guni Baxa, Bibi Schreuder and many others.

Since 2011, he is spreading knowledge, both as a practitioner and leading trainer in Romania, having led over 1,500 constellations. He has lead workshops throughout Europe, and Internationally part of Bert Hellinger Instituut Netherlands in 2018, the African Constellations training program in 2020, Awakening the Field Conference in 2021 and International Systemic Constellation Conference in 2022, his area of expertise being mainly working with Transgenerational Trauma and with Split Parts.

Systemic perception has become his second nature, and he helps bringing this work to organizations, the family, and society. Sometimes, he includes horses in his work, using their innate ability to connect with the unconscious, revealing systemic wisdom.

Dragos works with what emerges and resonates for the group. Dragos has a background in engineering, working for more than 20 years in multinational organizations. He continues to live and practice in Bucharest, Romania.

For more information:

Website: https://dragosriti.blogspot.com/

Email: dragosriti@yahoo.com

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