Francesca Mason-Boring

Francesca is a bi-cultural international facilitator and trainer of Family Constellation. Informed by the work of many of the early Masters in Family Systems Constellation, as well as her own indigenous elders, Mason-Boring has been a contributor in the development of the integration of ceremony and ritual in constellation work as well as the inclusion of nature in facilitation and support for trauma. Mason- Boring has provided Facilitator Training in Canada and the United States.

Her writing and developments in systemic constellation expand the application of the work into social systems as well as family systems. A Western Shoshone, (an indigenous tribe in the United States), Francesca has authored numerous books and has served as an advisor and contributing writer for The Knowing Field, an international scholarly journal on systems constellation. Francesca has presented at numerous conferences on the topic of the Universal Indigenous Field in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Holland, Mexico, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Bulgaria, and the United States. She has served on faculty for Intensives on Systemic Constellations in Germany, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and the U.S.A.

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