Jonine Lee Gabay

‘A tree cannot choose the place it grows, yet the place where its seed fell
to earth is the right place for that tree. The same is true for us. The
place where the parents are is the only possible place for each human being,
and therefore, the right place’. – Bert Hellinger

Jonine has been in full time private practice working with Family
Constellations and somatic Breathwork for nearly 30 yrs. For the past 10
years a key focus for her has been organizing the Australasian Constellation
Intensive which brings international trainers of Family Systemic and
Organizational Constellation to Australia. This year with covid-19 the
Intensive has gone fully ONLINE and around the globe for the first time!
Being present to a VISION of gathering the first generation systemic
trainers this wondrous gathering took flight.


Incorporating Family Constellations (and Mindfulness based Breathwork
Therapy) into her trainings since 1993 she is passionate about their
potential for healing inter-generational trauma and supporting the
integration of our ‘internal family system’ including work with the inner
child and shadow aspects.

‘Discovering’ Family Constellations at a conference in mid 1990s was life
changing for me personally and professionally, giving a depth to my work I
could never have imagined. The soulfulness and sacredness of this work, I am
forever grateful to Bert Hellinger for his insight.’

Training in Family/Systemic Constellations

I have been blessed to work and train with nearly all the leading
international trainers.  As well as liaising with them as part of the
faculty for the Intensive I have also organized their individual workshops
in Australia.

Guni Baxa, Stephan Hausner, Jakob Schneider, Sneh Schnabel, Ah Fung, Judith
Hemming, Jan Jacob Stam, Francesca Mason Boring, Mark Wolynn, Ingala Robl,
Anngwyn St Just, Dr Karl-Heinz Rauscher, Svagito Liebermeister, Bill Mannle,
Ursula Franke and Thomas Bryson, Marianne Franke-Gricksch, Sarah Peyton and
many other wonderful trainers


Robert Dilts, Robert MacDonald, Michael Hall, Tadd James


Training with John Bradshaw and his clinical director Kip Flock LCSW (non
shaming therapeutic technics) in the early 1990’s

Part of the organization bringing John Bradshaw to Australia and thereafter
for 2 years the Therapist training with Kip Flock LCSW from the Homecoming

Training history

2011 – current Organizer (and presenter) Australasian Constellation
Intensive held annually in Sydney welcoming up to 35 trainings and 180
participants from all around the world.

2020 –  online programs Deepening Joy, Constellations and Somatic

2018 – 2022 Monthly online workshops for a Natural Fertility program,
couples from 20 different countries Constellations and Breath Awareness

2018, 2019 ‘Therapy for Therapists’ co presenter with Nic Morey
psychologist (Melb) 8-day live in retreats Bali

2015 – 2017 organizer and co presenter Mindfulness based Breathwork Therapy

2017 –   Nature Care College, Family Constellations, Innerchild healing,
Healing Ancestral patterns

Director Core Connection Training Programs

1998 – 2012 leading 2-year Breathwork and Family Constellations
practitioner trainings

1996 – 2011, over 16 years developed and lead 3-day intensive personal
development programs every 6 weeks incorporating experiential, theory and
practice.  Family Constellations, Homecoming-Healing the Inner Child,
Healing Toxic Shame and Creating Loving Relationships

2009 – 2013 Director Breathwork Trainings International (BTI)developing and
delivering government accredited trainings.

Conference and workshop presenting and organizing

2011 – 2022 As well as part of the organization for the ONLINE
International Family, Systemic Constellation Conference, Jonine has been in
full time practice working with Constellations offering workshops,
trainings, 1:1 in person (and now internationally via zoom) for nearly 30

Along with colleagues she is also organizer for the Australasian
Constellation Intensive held annually in Sydney welcoming up to 35 trainings
and 180 participants from all around the world. NEXT date for INPERSON will
be OCTOBER 20 to 24, 2022

2019 IEC (Integral) HUNGARY Conference

2016 Presenter Global Inspiration Conference, Belgium

2011USA  GIC Conference

2010 Australia  GIC Conference

Breathe Australia Conference, organizer and presenter 2012, presenter 2014,

Professional Memberships

International Systemic Constellation Association (ISCA)

Australian Breathwork Association (ABA), past president (5 years) and
founding member

IICT International Institute for Complementary Therapists

International Breathwork Foundation (IBF)

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