Systemic Ritual Monthly Circle (all 4 events), starting 15 June 2020 with Aleksandra Shymina



NOTE: This product includes all 4 events over 4 months.

This course (all 4 events together) counts as one day towards African Constellations trainees portfolios.

For the zoom link, please click My Account > My Systemic Ritual – Monthly. This page will become available after purchase. If you are still not able to connect for the session, please send an email to or send a message to +2782-636-2393.

Date and time: Starting Monday 15 June @ 18:00 SA Time (GMT+1). 17:00 UK time.

Next dates: 20 July, 17 August and 28 September.

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The Wheel of Four Directions – Introduction and Exploration Rituals

This course (all 4 events together) counts as one day towards African Constellations trainees portfolios.

You are invited to the four meetings on the Wheel of Four Directions, where systemic meets the sacred, where we use elements of representing and journeying to meet and become friends with the spirits of Four Directions. The Wheel is an ancient map and the Directions have power of their own, that when called upon could be an incredible resource for any situation. In this four meetings we will get to meet every Direction, explore their power and meaning, experience how they could support our own lives and how we could bring this friendship into our work. Every meeting will be a individual and at the same time collective systemic ritual on the Wheel.

The first meeting will be an introduction the Wheel and the Four Directions. We’ll begin our journey with a ritual on the Wheel to welcome and connect with the spirits of the Directions and to explore the gifts they might hold for us.

The second meeting will be a more complex ritual on the Wheel of Life and the impact the Directions might have on our various phases of our lives and especially at times of transitions and change.

The third meeting will introduce us to the animal spirits on the Wheel, how they interact with directions and how they can support us in our daily lives.

The fourth meeting will take us to the Wheel of Ancestors, connecting us to those who stand behind, to their resources, gifts and support.

All rituals are aimed at creating a relationship and deeper understanding in you of the qualities and powers of the Four Directions, the allies that are always available and present. The more you develop this inner compass the more you’ll be able to see any situation in the light of available resources, have at least four points of perception and depending on what’s needed know where to go and ask.

Systemic Ritual is a therapeutic method created by Daan van Kampenhout, which combines systemic family constellations method with shamanic ritual to create a healing and resourcing process that allows us to connect with wider ancestral fields, their resources, strength and gifts. Aleksandra trained with Daan in Mexico, Vienna, Paris and is now supporting his workshops and trainings around the world.


Aleksandra Shymina has trained extensively with Daan van Kampenhout in Systemic Ritual, first in Mexico, then in Europe and is now supporting the core training in Berlin and other open workshops in around the world. She runs Systemic Ritual workshops in the UK and internationally for groups and individuals. Aleksandra also trained in systemic constellations with the Centre for Systemic Constellations in London, where she is now an associate; her constellations practice is based in London and she travels to do workshops too. She also is trained in core shamanism and shamanic healing.

Aleksandra offers private and group constellations, rituals, ceremonies and shamanic healing both in person and online or remote in English and Russian. Before building her systemic practice Aleksandra’s background and training was in law, development and the charity sector.


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