Author, Facilitator, Trainer, Healer

The rich tapestry of Family Constellation work will help you to discover the power of working with your Ancestral Heritage to transform what you see manifest in your life, the unsettled inner dialogue, and the feelings of discomfort. 

In working with Shavasti, you will work with one of the world’s most experienced workshop leaders and an established author who will help you discover a safe route to your heart that is full of grace – this is the key to all healing. Shavasti has facilitated hundreds of workshops worldwide including the UK, USA, Bali, Istanbul, Cyprus, Bulgaria, South Africa, and many other locations and welcomes invitations to hold workshops at your location.

The author John L. Payne is known worldwide as a leading figure in the world of Family Constellations, offering workshops and trainings through various organisations in several different countries. His work today is INCLUSIVE of Family Constellation work and represents a synthesis of almost 30 years working with individuals and groups, over 8,000 private Family Constellation, Shamanic and energy healing sessions, plus more than 500 workshops worldwide and 5 published books.

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