Suzi Tucker

Suzi cofounded Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Publishers, with Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD in 1998. It was Dr Zeig who pressed to publish Bert Hellinger’s first books in English, and so Suzi had the good fortune to collaborate with Bert on these initial books and then on most of Bert’s titles in English, including his final contributions. Under Bert’s guidance, Suzi cofounded the Bert Hellinger Institute, USA, and began to teach and facilitate in the early 2000s.

Currently, Suzi maintains a busy schedule as a presenter, teacher, facilitator, and writer. She has been privileged to serve on the guest faculties of Omega Institute, Open Center in NYC, Kripalu, MOSAIC, the East and West Coast Constellations Intensives, the Shift Network’s Ancestral Healing Summit, among many others.

Suzi is an essayist and a contributor to numerous publications in the fields of psychology and wellbeing. She is at work on several books, long overdue but slated for 2022. Her first book of essays — Gather Enough Fireflies — was released in 2014.

Finally, Suzi is immensely proud to be called “teacher” by some of the most brilliant lights in the field today, bringing Constellation ever deeper into the future. Suzi’s current teaching includes two Writing Studios; the Art & Practice of Constellations (for advanced students); plus Experiential Conversations, an ongoing series of presentations on important life themes. Just recently, Suzi launched a subscription series called Reflections on the Ordinary Miraculous, which delivers uncommon inspiration into the subscriber’s mailbox each week.

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