Yishai Gaster

Born 1958 on kibbutz Amiad, in the Galilee Israel, Yishai Gaster is the founder of ‘The Constellation’s Path’ – Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations in Israel (2006).  He is practicing Systemic Constellations since 1996, training and giving workshops Internationally in Family and Organizational Constellations.

To his work, he brings extensive clinical experience with individuals and groups as a UKCP integrative psychotherapist (1999-2007), and organizational experience as a VP at ‘Columbia Marketing UK for over a decade.

As a lover of the international community, he has moved around quite a lot, living for extensive periods of time in Israel, London, Tokyo, and Silicon Valley USA.

Today he lives with his wife and family in the Galilee northern Israel, continues to lead and develop “The Constellation Way” and its trainers, gives private systemic consultations on-line, and runs trainings, seminars and workshops internationally.


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