Articles Adoption – The Shadows, the Shame and the Sharing by Shavasti Daniel Burge: Oxytocin Ketchup


Articles Genograms article on Science Direct The Community Genogram What is a Genogram?

Systems Theory

Books Thinking in Systems, Donella Meadows (2008) Complexity: the emerging science at the edge of order and chaos. Mitchell Waldrop, (1993). Simon & Schuster. Sync: the emerging science of spontaneous order, Steven Stroganz, (2004). Hyperion. Linked: the new science of networks, Albert-Iaszlo Barabasi, (2002). Perseus Books Group. Chaos: making a new science, James Gleick, (2008). Penguin […]

Orders of Love The Orders Of Love (Video 1 – The family system) with Ursula Maria Bell The Orders Of Love (Video 2 – Belonging) with Ursula Maria Bell The Orders Of Love (Video 3 – Precedence) with Ursula Maria Bell The Orders Of Love (Video 4 – Fate & Responsibility) with Ursula Maria […]

Constellations and Neuroscience

Take a listen as Sarah Peyton goes over the emotion and motivational circuits that are present in the brains of all mammals. Sarah uses Jakk Panksepp’s research about each of the circuits, how they can become entangled due to trauma, as well as explore how they relate to the different nervous system states that humans […]

Online Constellations

Online Constellations with Suzi Tucker, Sarah Peyton and Leslie Nipps Family Constellation Zoom Demonstration – “I don’t Feel Fully Alive” Family Constellation Biz Round Table (Vulnerability, Online Events, Pricing & A Constellation Demo) Can we recover lost ancestral knowledge with Alison Fornes Constellating an aligned relationship with money, with Alison Fornes


Articles Epigenetics: The Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma–As Seen in Constellations by Liz Jelinek Epigenetics by Patricia Robertson Family Constellations, Neuroscience and Epigenetics By Yildiz Sethi Why Ancestors Matter: Family Constellations and the multigenerational self From ‘Therapy Today’ Volume 16, issue 3, April 2016 by John Harris Books It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma […]


Ursula Franke-Bryson – formation and treatment of the trauma Healing Emotional Trauma with Constellations Working with Trauma – Judith Hemming Sarah Peyton: The Neuroscience of Trauma and Addictions. Part 1 Sarah Peyton: The Neuroscience of Trauma and Addictions. Part 2 Sarah Peyton: The Neuroscience of Trauma and Addictions. Part 3 Sarah Peyton: The Neuroscience of […]

Nature Constellations

We belonged to the land. We belonged to nature and all the aliveness, nourishment and medicine that the land gave us. People walked barefoot on the red earth, nothing separating their bodies from her skin and heartbeat. Many myths tell of us being made of the clay of the earth, our body made of hers. […]

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