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Resources for Facilitators 2

Anél Hamersma
by Anél Hamersma

About Course

This short course for facilitators 2 offers a wealth of wisdom on some of the most basic constellation principles. We speak to some of the most experienced international master facilitators and trainers, including Judith Hemming, Suzi Tucker, Paul Stoney, Ria Verlinden, Tanja Meyburgh, Rani George and Dragos Riti. If you are a constellations facilitator, or if you are currently in constellations training, this course gives many expert voices on the same subjects, broadening and deepening your understanding of the work.
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What I will learn?

  • Self-care of the facilitator
  • The Orders of Love
  • Primary and Secondary Emotions
  • The initial interview
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Contra-indications for constellations

Course Curriculum

Self-Care of the Facilitator

  • Self-care with Tanja Meyburgh
  • Self-care with Dragos Riti
  • Self-care with Judith Hemming
  • Self-care with Rani George
  • Articles

Warm-up exercises


Orders of love

Primary and secondary emotions

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4 years ago
This is SO helpful and just exactly what I need as someone who has been facilitating group constellations for just a couple of years. It is for me another super-vision place, where the questions that run in my head body and soul are being asked aloud and answered not by one Elder but by a few different Elders that bring a wealth of experience and perspective to help me find insight into my questions. I feel blessed to be able to drink from this fountain thanks to you lovely people in REAL Academy, and add it to the ongoing one on one supervision with my "Yoda" where I can ask even more questions :-)
I am slowly taking all three parts of this wonderful fountain (Parts 1+2+3 of Recourses for beginner and intermediate facilitators), jumping from one question to another as it arises in me, and not necessarily by the course order, so it meets my needs at different times in my personal journey.
Thank you again and again,
Yael Tsvieli Reiss
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Material Includes

  • 20 videos
  • 5 hours and 21 minutes of material
  • 12 Articles from the Knowing Field
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