Diana Claire Douglas

Diana Claire Douglas is a systemic facilitator, coach, consultant (for individuals, families, organizations, and the collective), and founder of Knowing Field Designs: Aligning Human Systems with Life. She brings to her facilitation her love for Life as an artist, an author, a researcher, and a grandmother. Attuning to the Sacred, her purpose is to participate in the movements to situate humanity in our rightful place, in relationship with All-Life.

Douglas is lead Constellator for The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence and for Integral City. She has participated in the evolution of the newest branch of Systemic Constellation Work—which she has named Constellating for the Collective. Douglas is co-creating The Hague Center for Field Inquiry—an innovative home for action research using a phenomenological approach.

Her work with complex systems (that serves a city or cities) was recognized by Integral City’s awarding her the “Meshworker of the Year” Award, 2018.

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