Nina Ishtar

Nina’s first career was in outdoor recreation, this led to over 30 years’ diverse experience in the Education and Training System in Australia. It was in this system her fascination and expertise with organisational and business development grew, particularly during a five-year period as a cross sector partnership broker and facilitator. In addition, she qualified as a Cranio – Sacral therapist and Qigong teacher and has worked in part time practice for over 20 years. 

Today, she has her own systemic consultancy, Reflective Systems, assisting businesses, organisations and individuals with professional success and wellbeing. She has a strong interest in working with societal and collective issues and will undertake further training in this field in 2021.  She is grateful to have trained in System Dynamics in Organisations with the exceptional teachers and world leaders at the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. She lives in rural Western Australia, on the traditional land of the Menang and Bibbulman people, where she is surrounded by two of her greatest resources: nature and space.

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