Hunter Beaumont

A master psychotherapist and teacher, his non-judgemental compassion, irreverent humour, and delicate sense for systemic balance complemented that of Bert Hellinger and forged a flowing collaboration between the two. Their mutual trust helped many clients face and resolve hidden relationship dynamics over the years. Hunter is widely known for his co-authorship of Love’s Hidden Symmetry, which is considered essential reading for anyone interested in Constellations work.

Practicing in Germany for the more than 30 years, Hunter had the unique experience of working with World War II and Holocaust survivors and their descendants. Through this work he discovered that healing requires attending to the soul, a process he describes as an “inner ‘felt sense’ and common, everyday dimension of experience.” Demonstrating how therapists can integrate this more spiritual approach into their practices, Beaumont highlighted the particular successes of the innovative family constellations therapy. A crucial part of Beaumont’s spiritual psychotherapy practice, this method has helped many of his clients release and resolve profound tensions and offers hope to people recovering from trauma or PTSD, or simply trying to navigate life’s difficulties.

As a token of our gratitude for the knowledge received from Hunter, we open his Masterclass to all who would love to hear the compassionate insights from this great Teacher, Facilitator, Therapist, Mentor, Friend and now, Ancestor of this knowledge lineage.

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