Lindiwe Mthembu-Salter

Lindiwe is a Family Constellations facilitator (2006, SA), a counsellor, and a trainer. In her practice, she integrates Systemic Constellations with her previous training on an Integrative Humanistic counselling approach (1990-1994, Bath UK) which was followed by her Anthropology honours degree (2009 UWC).  She also brings her authentic connections with the depths of her indigenous African/Zulu culture, its knowledge in human development and its wisdom in the healing fields.  

In the last four (4) years, she has also added a new model in her practice as a qualified logosynthesis practioner  Logosynthesis is a fresh, elegant and effective treatment process that is mindfully created to harvest the power of words to release energy blocked in time and space in order to get in touch with core Self and true Essence. 

Other skills includes her working with groups of home-based caregivers and individual health care workers on self-care programmes or tailor-made self-care interventions.

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