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Resources for Embodied and Ancestral Learning (REAL Academy) provide VIDEO CONTENT and FREE RESOURCES for systemic practitioners. We provide tools that can be used in your personal capacity and professional work. Our offerings include both wisdom of the elders in our field of practice and relevant new insights and developments. We aim to be accessible to English speaking trainees and facilitators worldwide and cater to all levels of experience.

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Tanja Meyburgh and Erik Andersen share a passion for family and systems constellations, embodied and ancestral learning. Recognising the need for online resources and continued accessible learning for facilitators and trainers worldwide, REAL Academy was conceived in 2018 and founded in 2020.

The vision of this platform is to meet the emergent future. We provide access both to the wisdom and deep roots set down by our elders in our field of practice and bring relevant and new insight and developments. We provide tools that can be used in your personal capacity and your professional work with Family and Systems Constellations and Embodiment.

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Healing shame with Sarah Peyton

What makes Constellations so powerful? How do they compress so much growth and transformation into so little time? Join Sarah Peyton, neuroscience educator, author and constellation facilitator, and explore the neuroscience of the change that constellations can support.

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Constellations in Individual Therapy and Coaching

This advanced training module is designed for constellation facilitators and trainees that are interested in deepening and extending their knowledge and practice of working with individuals using constellations in one on one therapy, coaching or online. It does not cover the basics of constellation facilitation and therefore only suitable and open to those who have the fundamentals in place.

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Nature Constellations with Francesca Mason-Boring

Nature Constellations will allow facilitators of systems constellation to expand their practice by beginning to more consciously include nature in their facilitation of family, organizational, community, collective, and all applications of systems constellation. This content will also provide several specific templates and resources which will allow you to consider whether you might wish to offer a constellation workshop which specifically addresses issues around land management, identifying specific support for clients through the inclusion of Nature in constellation.

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Ancestral Connections: For the future

Ancestral Connections recognises that both our ancestors and descendants are real people who live and breathe within us. Our capacity to access the gifts and the connections of both is possible through the embodied experience of constellations, music and movement.

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Resources for Beginner and Intermediate Facilitators 4

This course for facilitators offers a wealth of wisdom on topics including phenomenology, collective constellations, systems theory and colonisation. We speak to some of the most experienced international master facilitators and trainers, including Tanja Meyburgh, Zita Tulyahikayo, Christine Blumenstein-Essen, Francesca Mason-Boring, Bruce Nayowith, Thomas Latka, Jan Jakob Stam, Diana Claire Douglas, Nina Ishtar, Sue Davidoff and Lindiwe Mthembu-Salter.

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