Resources for Embodied and Ancestral Learning

REAL Academy provides online resources and continued learning for systemic practitioners

Resources for Embodied and Ancestral Learning

REAL Academy provides online resources and continued learning for systemic practitioners.

Discover Resources for Embodied and Ancestral Learning:

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Our November 2023 Masterclass is with Gaye Donaldson

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Our offerings include both wisdom of the elders in our field of practice and relevant new insights and developments.

We aim to be accessible to English speaking trainees and facilitators worldwide and cater to all levels of experience.

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Sitting with the Elders
Featured Speaker Gaye Donaldson

Introducing Gaye Donaldson, a senior trainer at the CSC in the UK and a seasoned practitioner and respected Elder in the field of Systemic Constellations. In this enlightening Masterclass interview, Gaye delves into the ever-evolving landscape of Constellation work, discussing the balance between the phenomenological approach and the systemic Orders framework.


Gaye emphasizes that the power of Constellation work lies in the delicate equilibrium between these two pillars. It’s akin to the way Stonehenge stands, anchored by two pillars. The horizontal, where the work unfolds, rests on the foundation of phenomenology and the systematic Orders.

As practitioners and participants on our unique learning journeys, we may find that one aspect deepens before the other, constantly evolving our understanding. Gaye shares that her own journey with the Orders is still unfolding, leading to continuous revelations and new insights.

“The potency of Constellation work resides in the balance of phenomenology and the Orders,” as Gaye puts it. This balance is essential for us as practitioners to become more rigorous in our phenomenological and systemic understanding. It empowers us to hold and attend to the fundamental truths of life with deep respect.

Join us for this thought-provoking discussion as Gaye shares her insights on how Constellation work continues to adapt and thrive in a changing world, integrating different systems while staying true to its core principles.


Conceived in 2018 and founded in 2020 by Tanja Meyburgh and Erik Andersen, REAL Academy grew from a shared passion for family and systems constellations, embodied and ancestral learning.


Our Vision:

Our vision is simple: to offer accessible resources and foster growth for facilitators and trainers worldwide. We aim to honor the wisdom of our field’s elders while staying open to fresh insights.

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At REAL Academy, we provide practical tools for personal and professional use, with a focus on Family and Systems Constellations and Embodiment practices.

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