Resources for Embodied and Ancestral Learning

REAL Academy provides online resources and continued learning for systemic practitioners

Resources for Embodied and Ancestral Learning

REAL Academy provides online resources and continued learning for systemic practitioners.

Discover Resources for Embodied and Ancestral Learning:

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Our May 2024 Masterclass is with Tanja Meyburgh

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Our offerings include both wisdom of the elders in our field of practice and relevant new insights and developments.

We aim to be accessible to English speaking trainees and facilitators worldwide and cater to all levels of experience.

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REAL Background

Conceived in 2018 and founded in 2020 by Tanja Meyburgh and Erik Andersen, REAL Academy grew from a shared passion for family and systems constellations, embodied and ancestral learning.

Our Vision:

Our vision is simple: to offer accessible resources and foster growth for facilitators and trainers worldwide. We aim to honor the wisdom of our field’s elders while staying open to fresh insights.

Our Purpose:

At REAL Academy, we provide practical tools for personal and professional use, with a focus on Family and Systems Constellations and Embodiment practices.

Sitting with the Elders
Featured Speaker: Tanja Meyburgh

Working with Ancestral Fields

In this month’s Sitting with the Elders interview, Tanja Meyburgh shares profound lived experience into the practice of working with ancestral fields, offering invaluable wisdom for experienced Constellation practitioners.

With roots in South Africa, Tanja highlights the unique cultural perspective on ancestral practices, navigating a history of persecution and suppression alongside a rich tradition of ancestral connection. She carefully unfolds the intricacies of ancestral relationships, emphasizing the need for preparation, gratitude, and respect before engaging with ancestral fields. “The most important thing is that if you want to work in an ancestral field, you have to cultivate your own relationship. And you need to understand that you’re doing, and what’s actually happening in an ancestral field. And that has to do with order, first of all. What is your place?”


She explains that ancestral reverence extends beyond familial lineage to include ancestors of the land and elements, concepts deeply ingrained in traditional African culture. Tanja acknowledges Bert Hellinger for embracing these concepts in his work, despite them being less recognized in Western cultures. She invites practitioners to practice and honour ancestral wisdom and reconnect with these traditions, recognizing their significance in systemic healing.

Drawing from lineage wisdom, Tanja reveals the transformative power of connecting with ancestors beyond trauma, participating the celebratory rituals and everyday experiences of ancestral lineages. She underscores the importance of embodiment and ritual in ancestral work, providing a pathway to bypass trauma-focused narratives and reconnect with the life force within ancestral lineages.

Her emphasis on cultivating a respectful relationship with ancestors underscores the depth and responsibility inherent in working within this profound spiritual realm. Take a seat with us and sit in the glow of well-ruminated wisdom.

Read her full bio here.

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Our Tribute to Hunter Beaumont


A master psychotherapist and teacher, his non-judgemental compassion, irreverent humour, and delicate sense for systemic balance complemented that of Bert Hellinger and forged a flowing collaboration between the two. Their mutual trust helped many clients face and resolve hidden relationship dynamics over the years. Hunter is widely known for his co-authorship of Love’s Hidden Symmetry, which is considered essential reading for anyone interested in Constellations work.

As a token of our gratitude for the knowledge received from Hunter, we open his Masterclass to all who would love to hear the compassionate insights from this great Teacher, Facilitator, Therapist, Mentor, Friend and now, Ancestor of this knowledge lineage.

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